Manager privilege, level easy to add!

During the event, after successful application by the manager, the manager level will automatically rise to the first level; A meets the manager's IB level requirements, after the application manager passes, the level +1, automatically upgrades to MIB, and enjoys the MIB rebate during the activity. policy. At the end of the event, the manager level will return to the normal level.

Quality Broker Support Program


There are five levels in the Volans trader manager system:
DIB level 17 USDT commission
PIB level 15 USDT commission
MIB level 13 USDT commission
IB level 10 USDT commission
I level 5 USDT commission

Sub-servicing method: differentiated by level, no bonus at the same level

Example: Suppose A is PIB, A pushes B directly, B is IB, B pushes C directly, then C handles the transaction fee for each hand, B gets 10 USDT, A gets 15-10=5 USDT


After becoming a manager, the minimum number of people,
Each customer trades 2 lots per day and trades 60 lots per month.
Monthly direct revenue forecast (in USDT):

I:Push 5 people x 60 hands x 5 = 1,500

IB:Direct push 10 people x 60 hands x 10= 6,000

MIB:Direct push 15 people x 60 hands x 13= 11,700

PIB:Direct push 20 people x 60 hands x 15 = 18,000

DIB:Direct push 30 people x 60 hands x 17 = 30,600


After becoming a manager, calculated by the minimum performance standard,
Each customer trades 2 lots per day and trades 60 lots per month.
Monthly team revenue estimate (in USDT):

I:7,000 / 1000 x 60 hands x 5 = 2,100

IB:70,000 / 1000 x 60 hands x (10-5) = 21,000

MIB:300,000 / 1000 x 60 hands x (13-10) = 54,000

PIB:5,000,000 / 1000 x 60 hands x (15-13) = 600,000

DIB:20,000,000 / 1000 x 60 hands x (17-15) = 2,400,000



Wallet balance

Effective Customers

Direct Performance

Team Performance

Other requirements

I 1,000 USDT 5 7,000 USDT
IB 2,000 USDT 10 50,000 USDT 70,000 USDT The team has at least
50 investors
MIB 5,000 USDT 15 50,000 USDT 300,000 USDT Cultivate at least
2 IB
PIB 10,000 USDT 20 100,000 USDT 5000,000 USDT Cultivate at least
3 MIBs
DIB 50,000 USDT 30 200,000 USDT 20,000,000 USDT Cultivate at least
1 PIB and 3 MIBs

Valid customers: Wallet balance greater than1,000 USDT;Additional Bonus: Recommended DIB can receive 5% bonus on all DIB commissions;
Manager assessment: Each natural month will be assessed once, and managers who fail to pass the assessment for two consecutive months will be downgraded. (The assessment includes team performance, number of trades, etc.)