2018International Finance Summit Forum Best Forex Exchange

221 foreign exchange traders and 32 encrypted digital currency traders participated in the 2018 International Financial Summit. Volans stood out with professional and innovative technology.


2015Won the "Annual Impact Foreign Exchange Service Provider"

The Securities Star Financial Industry Awards, which are jointly participated by millions of netizens and major media, is one of the largest online selections in China.


2014“Sieger Brokerwahl 2014” authoritative broker rating won the “Best Forex Dealer” award for the first time

The Sieger Brokerwahl annual selection has been conducted for more than ten years and is a very influential comprehensive brokerage selection in Germany and Europe. Since the votes are all from the direct online delivery of the relevant traders, and the same IP address can only be used as a ballot, to a large extent, the Broker-wahl annual selection can objectively reflect the local reputation of the nominated brokers and the customers. Brand advocacy. This honor is the greatest recognition of our company's efforts in the past year.


2014European Magazine "Global Banking and Finance Award" was awarded the title of "Annual Forex Dealer"

European Magazine is the UK's leading online financial magazine covering all areas of investment, including news, investment techniques, asset management techniques and market analysis for UK and global stock markets.

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