Gloabl Financial Group

Volans trade is a blockchain fintech broker, invested by global famous trust investing company and traditional broker.

Volans trade development history

“Volans focuses on providing richer and more convenient financial products to global investors, embracing financial technology with the times, providing better services and better trading environment for global investors”. At present, foreign exchange companies in the industry can't always bring satisfactory services to trades. There is no strict supervision. The spreads are high. The slippage is a common phenomenon. The blockchain industry is cumbersome in trading environment, and the unfairness of manipulation is more common. Phenomenon, we are determined to change these, and promise to adhere to the transparency and professional ethics of the industry. Provide trades with a fair, transparent and honest trading environment, and win each other!

In recent years, global financial transactions have developed rapidly. Volans Group has also established a new strategic direction in 2017, taking the combination of MT5 cryptocurrency and traditional foreign exchange as the dominant development direction. Cryptographic customers from the United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and some other countries have switched from the traditional cryptocurrency trading platform to the volans Metatrade 5 platform to participate in the transaction, volans has a competitive trading environment. Fair, transparent and convenient investment conditions enable customers to quickly experience the full advantages of volans! The company is constantly innovating and actively introducing new products and services.

The Volans Group Company has always fulfilled our obligations. Many foreign exchange dealers in the 2015 Swiss Franc event suffered losses and were unable to provide services to their customers. Volans trade was not spared, but Volans trade customers received a full refund in a very short period of time. This is why Volans is able to win the trust of global trades and investors. They believe that choosing Volans, regardless of how the international financial market changes, its funds are always safe! The Swiss Franc incident did not adversely affect the international status of the company's brand, and the Volans Group continued to focus on financial market analysis and research.

Company Overview

Volans trade is committed to providing a complete, professional and advanced trading environment for financial institutions, corporate and general individual clients. Through our innovative and unique trading technology, our clients can be highly competitive. Trading in the environment to create personal advantages, we offer a variety of currency pairs, digital currency precious metals and CFD contracts, all transactions are through the direct market trading model, Volans trader is a liquidity service provider, real-time access to more than 15 top global A real-time streaming quote entry from a bank and liquidity provider that executes all trade orders at a very competitive price. This kind of transaction process and liquidity is our insistence. We are committed to supporting the infrastructure by launching new products and services while developing innovative and exclusive technologies, providing excellent transaction quality and creating unprecedented products for our customers and partners.

Our mission

As one of the world's leading liquidity providers, Volans trade is dedicated to providing investors with Forex, cryptocurrency (BTC) and CFDs trading services, allowing customers to access the MetaTrader 5 trading platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Global financial markets. MetaTrader 5 is a well-functioning and personalized trading platform that provides professional chart analysis tools, including over 20 technical analysis indicators and instant news to create a flawless investment haven for clients. We believe that customers should be based on an investment environment based on honesty and integrity, and should have a unique and unique perspective to trade or engage with financial institutions in new ways. For Volans trade, it is inconsistent with the ever-changing market demand. Changes in the global financial system are affecting every investor, and our presence is a new way to create alternative investments and increase investment returns for our clients.

Our safety

Volans trade combines blockchain cold wallet technology to ensure the safety of user funds. Inclusive market, giving users greater trading space, convenient for each investor to "show their talents."

Our vision

Our vision is to develop into a financial institution that is second to none in the region and most trustworthy. Volans trade is committed to providing transparent, honest and perfect service concepts in its financial business, and to achieve long-term customer trust and satisfaction as its business objectives, to consolidate its position and reputation. Create an open, transparent, customer-first service financial platform for global customers. Every wealth is guaranteed.