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Next-generation trading platform to replace MT4

MetaTrader 5 or MT5 is the next generation multi-asset trading platform that will replace MT4 in the near future. Its reverse test capability is not only faster than the MT4, but it also allows multiple pairs of tests to be performed simultaneously. A graphical interface similar to MT4 will help you adapt quickly to the platform, and the unique integration of MT5's centralized switching capabilities allows traders to trade commodities and indices in addition to foreign exchange.

1.Easy trading

2.Expert Advisor Support

3.Volans MetaTrader Performance

Why choose METATRADER 5?

In addition to providing more services than MT4, MetaTrader 5 (MT5) also includes better features and transactions than many other online trading platforms. With MT5, MetaQuotes software increases the number of technical analysis tools available, as well as more chart and timeframe options. Issues like a limited number of pending orders and inability to separate or quick inquiries/orders have been eliminated, making trading easier and smoother with additional trading features.

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Easily use METATRADER5 transactions

Clear separation:

MT5 separates orders, positions and transactions.

One-click trading:

MT5 simplifies the process of opening new positions with a single click.

Financial calendar:

Traders can now understand economic events, data and indicators in real time for market monitoring

More pending order options:

Traders can make eight pending orders to more precisely control open positions.

Enhanced Expert Advisor:

Integrated MQL Forex Market Product Tab for EA.

Cryptographic currency pair transaction:

MT5 allows for intraday trading or position trading. The new hedging feature also enables scalping.

Strategy optimization test program:

Improve the testing capabilities of Expert Advisors and provide more detailed results.

More analysis tools available:

MT5 includes other technical tools that provide over 21 timeframe chart options and 9 additional chart structure techniques.

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MT5 trading supports all order types

Whether it's trading orders, instant execution, redemption or market execution, MT5 trading software allows traders to easily achieve their trading goals. With the MT5 trading platform, you can execute any type of trading order, including pending, market, stop loss and trailing stop orders:

Market order :

For immediate execution, the trade order can be completed immediately with the consent of the trader or broker. There are two market orders on MT5.

Stop loss order :

Can be used with market execution and pending orders to minimize losses and lock in profits. There are two stop loss orders on the MT5.

Pending order :

Once the market conditions match the specified conditions, the order will be executed. There are up to six pending orders.

Trailing stop loss :

The stop loss can follow the current price. If the price moves in the opposite direction, the stop loss level will change.

METATRADER 5 supports all major devices

The MetaTrader 5 web version is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Both the iOS and Android operating systems can access the MT5 via a smartphone or tablet. Trade anytime, anywhere, even when you are traveling or on vacation, you can access your trading information 24 hours a day. It is very easy to download and install the terminal on any compatible device.

METATRADER 5 is a flexible trading system that you will love

A user-friendly and powerful trading platform provides up-to-date account information and greater flexibility in executing transactions. The system provides two main accounting modes:

Applicable to Forex trading; any new financial instrument transaction will open a new position. *

Applicable to exchanges; it allows traders to open a position on a financial instrument at a time.

METATRADER5 chart technical analysis tool

1.MT5 has 44 analysis objects, including Gann, Fibonacci retracement, Elliott tools, geometry and more. Manually apply objects to the chart, set calculation parameters, and customize the appearance of the graphic objects to your liking.

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2.Choose from the most popular technical indicators unique to MetaTrader 5: Trend Oscillator, Volume Indicators and Bill Williams' tools. Add metrics to price charts or as separate child windows. You can also overlay metrics on a chart for better monitoring. In addition, whenever you think you need more metrics for a particular trading strategy, you can access the market and code base to download additional metrics for the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Developers can access MetaEditor to build custom metrics for the platform.

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Fundamental analysis of MT5(Macroeconomic indicators/economic calendar)

The MetaTrader 5 Economic Calendar allows you to view key macroeconomic indicators in real time to predict price movements. The calendar contains current and past weeks of events, as well as upcoming events. All metrics have release time, priority and previous values. Colored coding to indicate the difference between the expected and actual values of the indicator.

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Chart type includes

Candle chart

Algorithm/automatic trading on MT5

MetaTrader 5 uses the programming language MQL5, which allows black box programming, making it a viable option for trading robot developers and users. The trading robot is an application for trading account management. They analyze the quotations of financial instruments and allow traders to perform the most favorable transactions. Thousands of these metrics can be downloaded for free in the MQL5 code base.

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Automatic trading


online transactions

faster than

any manual operation

Built-in strategy tester

The strategy test program helps test the performance of the trading robot and find the best input parameters before executing the EA on a live account. The entire process is based on historical quotes for currency and other financial products, and there are multiple test modes.

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Built-in strategy tester function


Applicable to Forex trading; any new financial instrument transaction will open a new position. *

MQL5 cloud platform:

Allow other computers to be added to speed up the testing process.

Visual display of results:

The esting results are shown as numbers, and a large amount of statistical data is provided, including profit and loss percentages, expected returns, and so on. The 2D and 3D tools can be selected to visualize the optimization results.

Simulated transaction:

Divide the currency and index database used for optimization into two separate parts.


Allows testing of multiple currencies to analyze and identify correlations between different currency pairs.

Increasing speed does not mean less informed decision making

Market depth (DOM):

This feature provides traders with a view of the current market trend for a particular index. For retail forex traders, this information is usually not available because there is no centralized exchange to get data from it. This feature is available for both switched and non-exchanged symbols. For swap symbols, the window displays the real-time quantity and price of the trade request. For non-exchange symbols, DOM is a tool that can issue market price execution and pending orders with a single click. *

One-click trading:

Since transaction execution is important, special panels on the MT5 can perform trading operations immediately with a single click. Select "One Click Trading" in the chart context menu and the results will be sent to the server immediately without opening any other trading dialogs.

Trading Forex Virtual Currency on METATRADER 5

Trade digital currency on MT5 in a few simple steps:

Right-click on Market Quotes and select the Symbols tab.

Select "Cryptographic currency pair" from the asset list.

Click the symbol and then click Show. Pairing with the market quote window. The currency pair will be traded.

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